SKIN CARE healing balm
for dogs and cats

– promotes natural healing
– acts antibacterial and moisturizing
– eases inflamation, pain and itching


– Wash your hands thoroughly and/or use disposable gloves or a soft spatula.
– Remove any foreign objects such as thorns and grit, carefully clean the wound and disinfect it with, for example, a spray.
– Thinly apply SKIN CARE to the affected area of skin so that the wound is com-pletely covered with a film.
– Wash your hands after use.

Use SKIN CARE 2 to 4 times a day – more often if required.

Use the balm until the skin has fully re-generated – until new, healthy skin has formed and there are no more visible scabs or redness. For general skin care, such as for the care of pads and scars, you can use SKIN CARE without any time restriction

IMPORTANT: Do not allow the animal to lick the wound. The best way to do this is with a neck cone or protective collar.

Filling quantity: 40 ml

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