Adult Lamb-Rice




Adult Lamb+Rice 15 kg

Adult Lamb+Rice is the only complete dry dog food made out of 70 % human grade fresh lamb meat. Pieces of lamb are delicately cooked with rice in their own juices; no water is added to the process. Then the food is carefully dehydrated. Vitamins, fats and oils are added in at room temperature, guaranteeing their natural state and therefore maintaining their full nutritional value.

You receive 3 bags à 5 kg.

Food change:
We recommend an immediate change of dog food without a transitional phase. Due to the differences in digestibility, mixing PLATINUM Dry Food with another dry food is not advisable.

Please note the following points when feeding:

– Serve dry or slightly moistened with water.
– Do not let the food soak for a long time, serve immediately.
– Always provide your dog with fresh water.
– Initially please feed using the lower recommended amount, only serve more if required.

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